Chateau Frontenac is located near the medieval fortress of Sainte Foy la Grande, 25 km from Saint Emilion. Standing at the top of Pineuilh Village , the chateau has a wonderful bird’s eye view over the River Dordogne. The excellent geographical location with sufficient exposure to sunlight is very important for producing ripe and plump grapes.

The vines


This 30-hectare vineyard with an average age of 30 years are planted on limestone and clay hillsides. Among them, white grapes have occupied an area about 1,14 hectares and the rest of the vineyard are planted with red grapes. The red grape section consists of three traditional species : Merlot which makes the wine full and soft, Cabernet Sauvignon fragrant and fruity, and Cabernet Franc elegantly exquisite with strong ageing ability. All these specialities make the red wine to have an extraordinary structure by which tannin and body can reach the perfect balance.

White grape consists of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Our planting density is 5000 stems per hectare. planting linewidth 2 metres.